What We Do


TOMCO Retail Construction is a full service contractor and construction management company. Our project management team has worked with high visibility retail, commercial and restaurant clients nationwide.

We specialize in a broad spectrum of services. We engage in management, new construction, build-outs, open store remodels, program work, rollouts and specialty services.

We are client focused and adept at using client portals and tools to ensure a smooth communication process and unified working relationship. TOMCO understands that communication is vital to project success. Our clients appreciate our involvement and consistent communication.

We have numerous sub-contractor, superintendent and client relationships that span decades. This advantage allows us to deliver timely and cost competitive projects.

Our team is dedicated to providing high quality, personal services to our clients. We have been honored to be recognized as a top contractor for one of the largest retailers in the country year over year. We build lasting client relationships and those relationships have built our business.

New Store Construction
We specialize in build outs. We have an experienced network of competitive commercial sub-contractors nationwide. We are vigilant at cost control and project coordination. Our project managers stay actively involved in the projects and make frequent site visits to ensure quality turnovers.

Major Remodels and Tenant Improvements
Major remodels require special attention and we manage and complete them with consistent success. We excel at the scheduling and the coordination needed for on time completions. TOMCO understands the considerations that need to be made to turnover beautiful and functional spaces while minimizing stress for the store team.

Ground Up Construction
We understand the intricacies of ground up construction and we have the managers in place to effectively work with clients, architects, vendors, suppliers and local jurisdictions. We have the skills to navigate the necessary channels to hit project milestones. We are proficient at working with cities for permits, licensing and inspections and the coordination of GC and client procured materials and vendors.

Open Store Remodels
Open store remodels are a unique form of remodeling.  TOMCO has relationships nationally with sub-contractorswho do this fast-paced work on both day and night schedules. Communication is critical and we understand the store teams are an important part of the process. Our superintendents and sub-contractors are experienced at working with the store to accommodate their needs during the construction process. We are extremely experienced with phased remodels and we work closely with our contractors, store team and clients to develop schedules that are mutually agreeable.

Rollouts and Program Work
Successful rollouts and programs require excellent coordination and a strong superintendent and subcontractor base. The TOMCO team has worked with top retailers across a spectrum of trades to complete their rollouts and programs. Our team is highly adaptive to using client reporting technology and IVR systems and also working around the needs of the store teams to ensure successful execution. We thrive in a fast paced environment and have the ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently for both the small and large scale rollout programs.

Specialty Services
We have worked on a wide range of specialty programs with our clients. We are the national closing, relocation and consolidation company for a large national retailer.  Our services range from signage removal, exterior facade repair and resurfacing. We coordinate all final walk throughs between the store teams, TOMCO and the landlords. We have worked with hundreds of malls, strip centers and privately owned retail spaces to facilitate closures that protect the interests of our clients’ brand while also fulfilling their lease obligations.  We have also completed various prototype and specialty store locations. We have been given that opportunity because we excel at communication and coordination between architects, our clients, vendors and the field. We are highly flexible and respond quickly to accommodate changes and requests.