Social Responsibility

TOMCO is committed to giving back.  It is ingrained in our culture.  We do this on a local level by both monetary donations as well donating our time, talent and resources to local causes.  These have included bagging items at local food banks, food drives, partnering with local law enforcement to provide and install lockboxes for seniors so emergency services can enter their homes in an emergency and donating items to the local animal shelter.

All charities are employee nominated so we are supporting the causes that are personal to our team.   As TOMCO continues to grow, so does our work in the community and the causes we support.  We sponsor wellness and education programs, arts and cultural institutions, support families recovering from disaster and practice sustainability throughout our business.

True social responsibility starts from within and although we take external monetary support and volunteerism very seriously, there is no greater cause or anything more personal than how we treat our own team.  TOMCO is committed to ethical labor practices.  We do this by treating our team fairly, with respect and dignity, and valuing their work.  We also enable growth opportunities, provide fair compensation and by creating a safe and healthy work environment.  We offer flexible schedules, break areas with creative activities, have a generous PTO plan, quarterly team building events and company functions, employee led training, offer a variety of benefits and even allow our furry friends in the office.

Last, we are constantly looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Some of the ways we currently do this is through creating a near paperless working environment, switching to mobile work stations, recycling all company waste, using energy efficient appliances and lighting where possible and by increasing driving over flying and booking more nonstop flights.


Grand Prairie Animal Shelter – Prairie Paws

City of Grand Prairie – Lock Replacement Program

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Grand Prairie ISD

Harvest House – Burleson, TX

D.Y.L.A.N. Foundation

The Homes For Children

Waxahachie Care


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

American Red Cross

Testicular Cancer Society